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Moreover, Byzant has a decent level of socialization: Mysticism, symbolism, psychology, poetry, spirituality and beyond are all to be found within these pages, along The Golden Dawn was a highly influential magical order with a comprehensive curriculum and a membership that included Waite, Crowley and Yeats.

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Its untimely splintering produced a panoply of offshoot The planets are the players upon the stage formed by the signs and houses, and each has its own characteristics and associations. All ten major planets of modern astrology are explored here, including Google PR 4 Avg.

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And it is historically linked to King David who actually had a Star of David in his natal astrological chart formed by the planets. Planetary Geometry is the lines, shape, or pattern that is formed when lines are drawn to connect the positions of the planets in the sky.

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The most famous example of Planetary Geometry is that of the Star of David. The Hebrew Prophets believed that when their great king David was born, the planets were aligned to form the special symmetrical shape like the one in the above chart.

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  5. To the Hebrew Prophets, that alignment of planets was God's sign that something historically great was about to happen and they believed that a great king was going to be born to the Hebrews. That special symmetrical alignment of planets is now the symbol known 4. An indication that this symbol was astrologically derived is the fact they still call it the "star" of David.