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Taking an example here - though Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Lagna — all three are fire signs. Within this set of three rising signs, Aries is a movable sign lorded by Mars, the aggressive planet full of energy. The native is quick to take decision and is courageous but if this energy goes uncontrolled it could have its damaging effects for the native too. On the other hand, Leo is a fire and a fixed sign with the power and energy which is not much damaging.

Sagittarius is a dual sign with fire elements.

First Chapter :- What is Lagna

This fire is the light of knowledge and wisdom, the sign being ruled by Jupiter. Thus the natives with similar ascendants too would have vastly different temperament from each other.

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Lagna Lord or the planet ruling the lagna - the rising sign is highly significant. If the Lagna Lord is strong, the person is dignified and recognized in the society. Take the case of Libra lagna and Lagna lord posited in the sixth house where it gets exalted, the mark of strength.

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Consider the case of Aries Lagna with Lagna Lord in sixth house aspecting lagna. Such a native is straight forward and takes the bull by the horn. The overall strength of lagna defines your health situation as well. As ascendant signifies your physical being.


All the factors discussed above have a bearing on the health of the native. Lagna holds a great importance in the field of medical astrology too. Lagna denotes the power to recover from any health ailments too. Sun is the Karaka or the indicator of Lagna. Sun is the life giving energy thus rightly is the Karaka or the indicator of Lagna.

An affliction or weakness of Sun suggests the areas of weakness in the body. You may also like Detailed Horoscope reading , which interprets each of the twelve houses bhav of horoscope including lagna bhav. Further health Profile reading is another interesting and useful report you may consider. Person Details Name.

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