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Therefore like Leo men, you will never have to wonder how a Leo woman in love feels towards you. She will be open and frank.

Characteristics Of The Leo Horoscope Sign That Makes Astrology's Lion The RULER Of The Zodiac

Like Leo men, her courtship with you will be remarkably traditional in some ways. Leos are generous, but they expect gifts too. They need to show that the Leo woman has been listened to, that her extravagant taste is appreciated, and that she is worthy of being spoiled. Lastly, Leo women lovers have great ambitions, but if they find a partner who is good at encouragement, they will fulfill those ambitions. Love, for Leos, is an equitable partnership. Since Leo zodiac is a fire sign, the two other fire signs Aries and Sagittarius make good dates. They are all lively, passionate, and upbeat about life.

Other possible zodiac compatibility matches for Leo are the air signs Gemini , Libra , and Aquarius. Some astrologers believe that combining fire and air create just the right amount of heat and dynamism. What about two Leos dating? The absolute worst pick is Taurus. While Taurus is down-to-earth, Leo is explosive. Leo needs happy pep talks, not practical advice.

Taurus needs warmth and emotional stability. Both will end up frustrated. Leo man on dates may be found in fashionable restaurants or bars, staring in a theatrical setting, or commanding the attention of everyone in any given setting. To get his attention, laugh at his jokes, compliment his attire, or applaud his performances or tastes; just be sure to make your praise authentic. The Leo male can sense a fraud a mile away. Along those lines, Leo men on a date appreciate a partner who speaks his or her mind.

If you trust him with your inner thoughts and worries, he has big enough shoulders to handle them. When it comes to dating, Leo man loves to be in charge but to keep him from growing bored, come up with some unique ideas of your own. Try salsa dancing or surfing lessons, depending on where you live. One important thing to note is the fact that Leo men take their careers very, very seriously.

Leo traits and personality characteristics

Leo, the lion, is a dramatic fire sign who is ruled by the sun. All of these things lead to several conclusions: they are passionate, they are natural born leaders, and they are aware their prowess. The typical Leo woman on dates will be surrounded by admirers. To gain her attention, you need to make sure she notices you in the crowd. Keep turning the conversation back to her; ask her questions about herself, her interests, her talents.

Be upbeat and positive. She may not show it at first, but she will notice you. Once you begin to date a Leo woman , keep things active. Keep her on her toes which may be a challenge. Be sure she chooses where to go and what to do because she likes to be in charge! She is a generous soul, but she also expects you to pay attention to things she wants, too.

Give her a few meaningful and lavish gifts to keep her happy. Leos demand stimulation, but they are not selfish lovers; they give what they get.

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If you work hard to please them, they will spare nothing to satisfy you. Leos have an unquenchable desire for new, deeper levels of pleasure, as long as it revolves around them. Sexual partners of Leos need to be vocal during lovemaking, or else Leo will assume the partner is not a good match. This may lead the Leo man or woman to call it quits to find a more gratifying relationship in bed. It was said earlier that Leos are loyal once they make up their minds, but sex is part of the process.

Leo men sexually like to be in control in general, but it matters to him in the bedroom. While he is still sizing you up as a partner, his ego is very much on the line. The Leo male needs praise, attention, and affection. He needs to know that he is the best or only partner you have ever had! Again, the Lion can sense a fraud a mile away. It is best to talk less and moan more. That is the greatest aphrodisiac for him, and it will spur him on. Once he has decided to commit, he will be very dependable, but his need for approval will never go away.

Like Leo men, Leo women enjoy sex a great deal. Her flirtatious nature inevitably draws admirers, but if she has decided to commit to you, there is little need to worry. In the meantime, she will size you up and see if you will give her what she needs and wants in the bedroom. Most Leos operate based on their egos. Leo women are no different. They, too, want to hear sighs of delight to encourage them along. If their partners concentrate on pleasing a Leo woman sexually , she will give her partner everything she can.

These women have ideas of their own that rarely leave their partners complaining! Leo parents have two sides to them. On the one hand, they lavish love and gifts on their children and dote upon them when things are going well. On the other, they may use their children to draw attention to themselves and steal the spotlight from their kids. If their children fall short of expectations, so Leo parents may withhold affection or cut with dark humor.

One thing is for sure; Leo parents are devoted to their children and spend a great deal of time and effort on them. A Leo father , in typical Leo fashion, is the center of his social and family circle. That circle becomes complete when a child is born. That child grows his world along with himself , and it becomes his pleasure to heap all his affections on this child. The Leo dad loves to spoil his children with the more beautiful things in life, and he loves to play with his children.

Fortunately for you and them, your violent nature is usually temporary. Leo mothers are great listeners and right sounding boards for their children. Like all Leos, however, they are seen by their children as a combination of kindness and harsh strictness. The Leo mom has no problem with keeping her children busy with gifts and activities. Sometimes, the schedule becomes a bit too much for some kids to keep up with. On the positive side, adolescence seems to be a relatively easy time for Leo mothers, as they know just how much to involve themselves without meddling.

Leo children , like their adult counterparts, love to be the center of attention. This goes for family indeed, but it mainly applies to social situations. They love to be the leader. While this can be harmless fun, if left unchecked, they can become overly bossy and even arrogant. They have a difficult time understanding children who are not like them water signs like Cancer for example. It is essential to help little Leo kids understand that differences are right, rather than the idea that there are winners and losers.

The LEO FEMALE by Joan Zodianz

Another tendency that Leo children need help with is learning to forgive. How does forgiveness benefit them? The concept must be explained to them using logic, or else they will not understand it.

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The most important thing parents can do for their Leo zodiac child is give them love and attention on a regular basis, rather than all-or-nothing. This will help them grow to feel loved and supported. Fitness and physical prowess are essential to a Le. Therefore, regular exercise is a must! The best way to keep you going is to make it a social event, and one in which you may show off your skills.

Team sports like basketball , tennis , or even boxing are great outlets for your explosive energy. Being outside, soaking in the rays of the sun is an excellent idea for you, so see if you can organize regular events with your friends.

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If not, perhaps you can join a club or team. If something less sporty and artsier is your thing, go dancing! It is a great cardio workout, and you can show off your moves. Leo zodiac sign is a natural leader. They need to feel needed, they are very loyal, and they want to participate in a cause. June is an incredible month for building on your connections: reach out for opportunities now, both online and off.

Set networking intentions at the New Moon on the 3rd and the second half of your year will be chock full of invites to the right parties and pop-ups. Leo monthly horoscope. Type keyword s to search. Elle UK.